How to use electric vehicles

A short, handy guide on how to drive and charge electric vehicles (EVs) efficiently.
Lose that ‘range anxiety’ for good.

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Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more popular as an environmentallyfriendly and costefficient alternative to fuelpowered cars. EVs offer a unique experience compared to traditional cars, and knowing how to use and charge them efficiently can help you maximise their benefits. This guide will discuss how to use electric vehicles effectively, including when and how to charge them.

Charging Basics

The first step to using an EV is understanding the charging basics. Most electric vehicles use a standard 120volt household outlet and a special charging cable, though some may require a higher voltage outlet. If you dont have access to a 120volt outlet, you may need to purchase a higher voltage charger.

There are a growing number of publicly available chargers in the UK. Charging networks, such as Giga Power UK, offer charging stations across the country where drivers can pull in to charge, often close by to amenities such as restrooms, shops, cafes and service stations. Typically, the average rate you’ll pay is £0.70 per kWh, which equates to roughly £18 for a typical charge. Read more about charging, and how long it takes, by clicking here.

When to Charge

When it comes to charging an electric vehicle, timing is key. Charging your EV during offpeak hours, such as during the night or early morning, can reduce the cost of electricity and help extend the life of your battery. Additionally, its important to charge your EV regularly, as allowing the battery to completely drain can reduce its performance and range for most makes and models.

Maximising Range

One of the main benefits of electric vehicles is their range, but it can be difficult to maximise this range without proper maintenance. To get the most out of your EV, make sure to check the tire pressure regularly, as under-inflated tyres can reduce the range. Additionally, driving in ecomode can help conserve energy, increasing the overall range of the car. You might have heard of the term “range anxiety” which is the worry that new electric vehicle drivers have when they think they will run out of battery. However, the experience isn’t too dissimilar to fuel cars. It’s just a new way of thinking.


Electric vehicles are becoming an increasingly popular option for those looking for an ecofriendly and costefficient alternative to traditional cars. Knowing how to use and charge your EV efficiently can help you maximise its benefits and enjoy a better driving experience.

This guide discussed the basics of charging an EV, when to charge, and how to maximise its range. Brought to you by Giga Power UK, one of the UK’s fastest growing electric vehicle charging networks.