Charging the Revolution® in EV

A British-based energy company specialising in the installation and operation of electric vehicle (EV) charging point networks.

How It Works

Step 1

You need to charge. Simply search us on Google, or use Zap Map and find our nearest charging point.

Step 2

Plug in, follow the steps on the charging point screen or our app and begin to charge.

Step 3

Take a quick loo break, grab yourself a coffee and have a chill. Unplug, pay, then on your way!

About Giga Power

We are an energy company

We are a growing network of EV (electric vehicle) charging stations, working with public and private partners across the UK. We provide a network of easy to use charging points without the hassle of complicated payment processing or unreliable units.

If you are a business looking for more footfall, or another revenue stream, get in touch to see how we could help with our fast growing EV charging network.

Our 2025 Targets

We pride ourselves on ease of use. We make our EV charging network as seamless as possible. Just scan and go!

Charging Points
Cars Charged
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