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Step 1

You need to charge. Simply search us on Google, or use Zap Map and find our nearest charging point for your electric vehicle charger.

Step 2

Plug in, follow the steps on the charging point or screen and begin to charge your electric vehicle. For the best experience with our charging points, we recommend that you download our app. Although, you can simply scan the QR Code shown on the charging point with your phone and pay using your card.

Step 3

Take a quick loo break, grab yourself a coffee and have a chill. By the time you’re done, it’s likely you’re ready to go. Unplug and be on your way!

Keeping the driver in mind.

We build our electric vehicle charging stations around the driver. With our fully lit, 24/7 security forecourt canopy design to protect your session from the weather, and our reliable and easy-to-use charging points, we make the EV experience as easy and as safe as possible.

By 2035, all new production cars will be fully electric, working towards the government’s universal net zero objectives.

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